Reiki Healing, Smoking and the 7 Chakras...Can I Quit Smoking With Reiki Treatment?

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Reiki can help you stop smoking! If you want to declare, “I quit,” and learn how to quit and stay stopped smoking for life, reiki healing is an excellent source of knowledge to help you regain balance in your life so that you can more easily break away from the need for cigarettes.


There is truly no way of knowing for sure about the validity behind the chakras theory or the widely accepted belief that every human being operates on a Universal playing field, feeding off energies flowing through space and time. There are, however, centuries worth of documentation outlining miraculous spiritual healing by reiki masters and an ability to manipulate and channel life force energy for recovery not only from physical trauma, but also from emotional instability and addiction such as smoking opiates – the prevalent addiction in countries of the Orient.


Moreover, there are countless individuals who have adopted reiki methods and have been able to 'tie up the loose ends of their lives' and gain a sense of control by relinquishment of will. Some of these reiki methods include prayer, opening up the 7 chakras, and focusing on chakra energy through meditation. Experience from those who have practiced reiki states: The more you tune in to the Universal frequency and seek to allow it to flow healthfully through your body, the more aware you become of your divine purpose.


It's not to say that your free will doesn't play a part in the ultimate destination of your life, because it does. The reality, though, is that we – as human beings – are not capable of looking at the entire picture as it truly is. We are not aware of the events that are possibly happening right next door that could greatly impact our lives.


A reiki thought on the 7 chakras is that the more energy you invest trying to control the aspects of your life over which you truly have no control (outcomes), the less open you are to receive the life force energy that will put you in line with kindred energies where your footwork will inspire much better results toward your life mission.


You may be wondering what this has to do with smoking cigarettes; and that's a very good question for which there is a simple answer: Smoking cigarettes – though a huge problem – is not really the problem of smokers...Conversely, it is the solution to emotions we do not know how to face...A solution to the overwhelming life with which we never really fully learned to deal.


Reiki is about taking the openness to feelings and divinity that life taught us all to sweep under the rug.

Whether you believe in the 7 chakras or not, you have nothing to lose by diving into some reiki practices of clearing your mind, tuning into the shakras, and replacing your bad habit of smoking with something much more beneficial: Reiki!

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Only when I started taking better care of myself and taking advantage of more holistic types of recovery was I able to finally recovery from nicotine addiction.  you can quit smoking!  To find out more about alternative stop smoking treatment including Reiki healing, visit!

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Reiki Healing, Smoking and the 7 Chakras...Can I Quit Smoking With Reiki Treatment?

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This article was published on 2011/01/17